Samantha White & Joel Cockhill's


Commissioned by: Jesse Elektra Mandy

"We've never had anything like Message Eggs, it was a perfect experience!"

Samantha Sammy White & Joel Cockhill

Birds of a Feather

Jesse received Message Eggs when Elektra was born. She then commissioned them for Sammy & Joel’s super romantic wedding. It actually ended up being their First Anniversary gift!

They’re all creative people, so it had to be a totally unique gift.

Jesse said:

“I just knew it would be the perfect little present for them. It was just such a lovely surprise.”

Sammy’s clearly a fine one for sporting exotic millinery, and the woman behind ethical taxidermy Mole & Dove.

She’s now planning to give Message Eggs to someone important in her life soon… and the ripples become waves!


Sammy said to us afterwards: “We were incredibly touched that so many of our guests had taken the time to write such wonderful heart warming messages.

“The box they came in was gorgeous and has made our bedroom smell amazing!

“It’s always hard to speak to everyone on the day. So it’s a reminder of how wonderful the people are in your life. Every time we open one, we relive the moment a little bit. It reminds us of that person and how much we love them!

“We love cracking them, it’s always fun!

“Thank you for being such wonderful friends and family. The little extra time you spent writing these messages has meant that we can re live our special day over and over!


Your love is so harmonious and calming and a real treasure to know and be around. It is inspiring to see your wonderful (wild) worlds co-exist so perfectly. Love you both very much. xxxx


Thank you for the sweetest wedding ever and I hope that sweetness keeps your life together in a cocoon of laughter, love and strength to face all the inevitable experiences you will encounter. xxx


Well Sammy my love. I love you from the bottom of my heart and am so so lucky to have you in my life. Joel you are so so wonderful and I am so happy that you have found each other. The perfect match.


I am so happy to have been lucky enough to have witnessed your perfect love. Thank you for being in my life. I wish you nothing but beautiful taxidermied creatures surrounding you always!


Have an eggsellent life together which is full to the brim with happiness and love. You two are perfect for each other and your future shall be perfect too. We love you both very much.


Samantha Sammy White & Joel Cockhill

Sammy & Joel

"What a very special present from a very special friend!

"Always so thoughtful, I love her very much!"

jesse elektra mandy


"After receiving Message Eggs, I just knew it would the perfect little present for them."