Paul Beere’s


Commissioned by: Assuntina Cardillo-Zallo

"It is a powerful humbling thing to be acknowledged, appreciated and loved by others."

when planning Message Eggs for Paul, his wife Assuntina said “I want something special for him.. a birthday he’ll never forget. He’s a wonderful man: kind, decent, helpful and lots of good fun.

“I don’t think he realises that we all think highly of him and for his birthday we’d like him to find out.”

Paul loves jokes and games, and was given Message Eggs during his 50th birthday party, hidden inside a Twilight Scenes’ game box (NOT one he would have liked). The crowd demanded he crack a few and read them out. Now you can read them all!

They were moving house at the time, but Assuntina said she actually enjoyed inviting people to write the messages and certainly enjoyed the look on his face when he opened them, she said:

“I was particularly pleased by what our teenage son Ian wrote.”

Paul is Ian’s stepfather and fully stepped into the role when Ian was only 2. He’s also involved with many other children, who appreciate him greatly, as did his colleagues, friends, other family, and so many others.

Here’s what else Paul had to say:


“Some were simple birthday wishes from friends and colleagues. Others were beautiful sentiments and memories of my time with distant friends and family.

“But the most moving ones, the ones that made me cry, were from those close to me.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re getting things right. These eggs show me that I am, that I am loved and that I’m appreciated. It’s time for me to spread the love.

“Thank you to everyone who joined in. Collectively you made my 50th birthday, something I was dreading, incredibly special. Some of your messages were very touching. It is a powerful (humbling) thing to be acknowledged, appreciated and loved by others. Thank you for taking the time to do this for me. It is incredibly generous of you.

“This has made my 50th Birthday my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”

And Assuntina:

“Thank you all for participating in this birthday gift for Paul. There were 50 messages in total. He opened a few when we gave them to him, and then all the rest the next morning.

“For some of you it was a reconnection, so particular thanks to you. Several people told me it wasn’t an easy thing to do so I salute you for giving it a bash!

“I also like how giving this created a connection with other people in his life.

“I salute you all and thanks again!”



Your love and kindness has always inspired me, and the times we've shared are some of the best in my life. Love you always.


Paul, you are amazing and wondrous. I struck so lucky when I met you and I should tell you daily! You have been a true rock through our building process and I love the thought of it being our home


You inspire me. That combination of grace, power, action. And humour. Lots. Maturing well like a good red. A keeper. Delighted to be mates. xx


you're funky fresh, don't deny it my friend



"The eggs have definitely changed the way I feel about myself and some of my relationships."


"He was genuinely moved and even a bit overwhelmed by the amount of comments, and the affection you hold him in."


I found that writing the message to Paul really got me thinking about him in a whole new way. I hadn't realised quite how important he was to us and many others. So great to see all his messages here! You are one amazing, Fun-ghi Pauly.

Libby Davy