Nina Ballantyne Dawson Scott

Love & Support

Commissioned by: Robert Dawson Scott & Elaine Cooper

"The intelligent, personal nature of your responses to my original inquiries were what persuaded me to use your service."

Nina Ballantyne Dawson Scott Cooper

Nina’s parents contacted us after they read about Message Eggs in a magazine. “She had a truly terrible year and needed reassuring that she was loved and valued. Her flat burnt down for the second time, just before Christmas. While finishing her degree!

“This just seemed like the perfect way to make sure she knew she was loved and supported.

“Nina told us very specifically that there was almost nothing she wanted us to buy her for Christmas. Once we gave them to her, she sat and gobbled all the messages up like sweeties – all at once and then returned to re-read them off and on during the day.

“She was overwhelmed by the whole thing. It was good to watch her reaction. What a beautiful box and fabulous aromas. The whole thing was so tasteful. Love the whole tree of life renewal symbol.

“Nina framed her messages in a big collage, which she looked at nearly every day.

“And she has just learned she got a First in her university degree. Perhaps being surrounded by all that love was a factor!”

“Feedback from her pals was all positive too. Lots of nice comments about what a lovely idea/project/concept.”

“Nina keeps the box by her bed and says she re-reads the messages and re-smells the beautiful box. She liked them enormously. Robert and I were both delighted as well.

“Would certainly have liked more words but understand completely that the restriction is necessary.

“It is a beautiful gift to give.”

Here’s what Nina said: “So many people could be bothered saying so many nice things. That was amazing, and made me feel that at least I hadn’t managed to fuck that up.

“Aesthetically, everything was great. I liked that the messages were in clay and covered in seeds. The box was beautiful and smelled incredible.”

Nina’s messages were just completely brilliant. She’s kindly going to share them soon and just sent this photo in of her collage “where it hangs to this day! The box is still used for my few precious bits of jewellery.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.29.41


You will weather any storms and soar confidently in a sky of your creation. You will be you and I shall be proud. Know that I love who you are and it is a privilege and a pleasure to be your mother.


Nina go now and play your guitar, write another song and bask in your wonderful talents! You are clever, musical, funny and warm but most especially you're unique, don't ever change!

Alison Johnston

Nina, I have to say that you're eggstremely eggcelent and that's no yolk. You may seem hard-boiled to some but you crack me up. You're truly eggceptional. Have an eggstraordinary time ova Xmas! xxxxx


Thank you for being you, Nina. Thank you for your kindness, your ferocity, your generosity, your quiet brilliance and contagious joy.


You will survive whatever the universe throws at you with humour,resilience and probably quite good hair. If it tries any more bad stuff it will have me and the clan to deal with. love you bajillions.

isabella silver

Nina Ballantyne Dawson Scott


"I cried for hours. That’s a good thing, honest."

Elaine Cooper


"Nina keeps the box by her bed and says she re-reads the messages and re-smells the beautiful box. She liked them enormously."