Lyndon Waddell's


Commissioned by: Angela Scaffidi

"My husband is still opening his eggs years later. He is savouring the beautiful messages from our family and friends."

Angela commissioned Message Eggs as her husband was coming to the end of doing an MBA. It seemed the perfect time to bring people together and really applaud his heart, his mind – and the man he was becoming!

She was even kind enough to send us a short film of Lyndon opening his eggs, which is such a classic. Here’s what Angela had to say to people thinking about getting involved.

“It was an opportunity to remind the person you love just what they mean to you.

“And you can get lots of people involved. In fact, the more the better.

“My husband is still opening his eggs years later. He is savouring the beautiful messages from our family and friends.

“I was so excited about organising Message Eggs for my husband. I knew he would be blown away by the gift.”


“He was touched and surprised. He was excited about opening each of the eggs, and surprised by just how much he meant to his friends and family.”

Here’s what that gorgeous man had to say (sorry Angela, not flirting but he is just such an Aussie dream man!)

“Never experienced anything like it before. A completely unique experience. Its hard to make a comparison, but its comparable to…

a surprise party, with all your favourite people there.”

“Felt surprised at first and loved the novelty. But the messages were really touching.

“People seemed to have gone to some trouble composing their messages due to the unique method of delivery.” 



You are truly a shining star my love. You make me so happy. Thank you for always standing by my side. I'm here to support you every step of the way xx


You have been a gift from God to my best friend. You are kind, loyal and extremely witty. You deserve everything that now comes your way and not just because of your hard work! Congratulations x


I will always remember you taking off to Melbourne in your blue Hyundai and not knowing where you would be living or working. You have never given up hope & have strived to do your very best.


Uncle Lyndon you rock!


lyndon waddell


"If your looking for something unique, different and meaningful, you've found it!"

angela scaffidi


"It's one of a kind... a unique, personalised gift for the person who has everything."