Lydia Tomicic + Peter Marissen's


Commissioned by: Thea Allison & Friends

"Both organising and giving this extraordinary and meaningful gift gave me so much pleasure."

The Group Gift that Keeps on Giving

Thea heard about Message Eggs and jumped on it with a small group of friends who wanted to make sure Lydia and Peter felt totally cherished on their wedding day.

They all chipped in, helped spread the word and took great delight together in what happened next. We’ll let Thea tell her story from here:

“Both organising and giving this extraordinary and meaningful gift gave me so much pleasure. It was wonderful to hear the enthusiasm of so many friends and family for the project, but without doubt the best part was the bride’s face as she realised what she was receiving.

“It’s a beautiful additional layer of love in a day designed to celebrate love.

Definitely choose Message Eggs for your wedding gift. If you have clients who are teetering and want to talk personally I’d be happy to tell them more about my experience of it via email

Seriously, the giving of this gift meant so much to me, and to all of us. To communicate with so many of Lydia and Peter’s friends and family before the wedding, and then to give it.

“You’ve got a gem here!”

And we think you’re a gem Thea!

Friends and family that couldn’t make it to the event were able to be included, and we hear it brought a community together and a sense of excitement and anticipation leading up to the event. Infact what people often say is, writing a message or two starts to get them really thinking about the person they are celebrating, and opens up a what often becomes an ongoing stream of appreciation.

Lydia said “such an awesome surprise. Overjoyed with the love from our friends and family given in such a special way. It feels so great knowing we have this treasure chest of lovely thoughts from the people we love and adore.

“We’ve kept all the messages and inserted in our wedding album.

“Brilliant idea, planning to commission some soon.”

“Having everyone’s messages was quite simply awesome. We have 42 and we’re opening them very gradually on special dates. Given we haven’t opened them all yet, the suspense is great!

“Reliving the memories of our wedding by randomly opening an egg/message each year brings us closer to everyone. Thank you, a million times over!”

Lydia & Peter have had a baby girl called Emily since receiving their Message Eggs. Congratulations! We hope you enjoy the warmth of your messages in the years to come.

Thanks to Petra Brundelias, Anne Scott, Francesca Cassini, Claire Gaudry, Ryan Pinnick, Kat Byles, Mario Nolte + Claire Floyd for coming together with Thea to create this commission.



"The hero's journey of your wonderful romance is an inspiration and a joy to behold. Treasure the treasure you have created together my lovely hero partners xxxx"


Lydia & Peter might share their messages once they are all opened. Let's see what happens. All participants will be given the chance to opt out if they prefer to remain private.

Lydia Tomicic + Peter Marissen Wedding

Lydia & Peter

"There is no greater gift. Most definitely something new in the wedding gift area and... worlds better than a toaster!"

Thea Allison


"She was so moved that thank you apparently didn't even come close to what she wanted to express.

The huge hug said it all."