40th Birthday

Commissioned by: Libby, Gra & Bea

"Thank you! A truly meaningful gift."

Lorraine was our guinea pig, and a cute one at that! The first person in the world to receive Message Eggs and an old friend of ours from Australia, who has also settled in England.

Lorraine was celebrating her 40th birthday in grand style in London and was so pleased her dear Mama could be there for it; she was living with cancer at the time. She talks about Message Eggs (formerly Metta Eggs) at weddings in the second video clip.

There is no roadmap for grief as they say. At least the Message Eggs gave Lorraine comfort and joy along the way, and perhaps act as something of a compass.

How did it feel to receive Message Eggs?

“I felt liked, loved and appreciated by words that often go unsaid. What amazed me were all the different things people remembered about me. I had no idea.

“Looking back, the messages remind me of much of myself I’d forgotten. I want to get back in touch with that.”

What was it like to crack the eggs?

“I loved cracking the eggs to find my special messages. I loved the way the clay crumbles into the glitter. And the treasure chest will be treasured forever too.”

What would you compare it to?

“The only thing that compares to experiencing Message Eggs is that first hug with a long lost dear friend where it feels like not a minute has passed.

Would you like to share the experience with anyone else?

See video.


I love her giant radiant HEART and her PASSION!


There are many reasons I love Miss Lorraine; among them her pure integrity, her fierce loyalty, her staunch passion for animals, her feisty, fun-loving spirit and boundless energy. Then there is her ability to endure pain and her determination to outwit adversity.

Lynn G

I will never ever ever forget the feather boa. Ever! You certainly know how to get a party started my dear.

Ms Liberty

I remember Lorraine being a big Harry Potter fan so here is my little ditty: Your energy is a magical glow, Your smile is the wand that heals a woe, If I could bottle these things we need , I'd be a very rich muggle indeed!!


Champagne was her drink of choice – that, and a G&T after work at Petra St kept our hearts from breaking until we were strong enough to fly again.

Lynn M



"Love and appreciation that often goes unsaid."