Kate Colquhoun's

50th Birthday

Commissioned by: Alister, family & friends

"The messages made me appreciate how lucky I am to be alive. I will always cherish them."

Kate’s family and friends didn’t want to see such a big birthday go by without taking the chance to tell her how much they love her.

They considered giving her a ride in a hot air balloon or a Ferrari, but she’s already a hot rod – and neither seemed to last or go deep.

Her husband Alister said “a close friend died a few years back before reaching 50, so it just felt right to get on with doing something that really matters now.”

Here’s what Kate had to say:

“Once I had opened the first egg, I couldn’t wait to open the rest. I’ve kept the eggs shells and messages in the box they came in – they look lovely nestling amongst the messages.

“Each time I open the box now I am reminded of the evening and how happy I felt.

“The messages certainly made me appreciate how lucky I am to be alive and to have such a wonderful family and friends.

“I have a warm feeling when I think about all the lovely heartfelt messages. I will always cherish them.

“It has given me a new confidence and inner happiness. The experience has empowered me to be more open and able to express how I feel about them.

Kate was so inspired by her own experience, she helped organise Message Eggs for her kids’ Woodcraft Leader Maddy Williams – another great woman who deserved to be fully appreciated and acknowledged.

“Thank you for your lovely messages. It made reaching 50 very bearable, and I can’t wait ’til my 60th. So get thinking!”




"So Kate, one of my three perfect sisters. I think about you every day, you are intrinsic to my life and happiness."


"I Love You. From that first G&T and even when your 50! Naff the Beach boys were, but the lines - "God only knows what I'd be without you" frequently come to mind. Can we drunken couch surf again?"


"You can't choose your in-laws but when I got you as my sister I came up trumps. You're funny, practical, generous, warm hearted and you cry easily. Just some of your qualities, happy birthday Kate x "


"Many years, many memories !! Highlights include shutting ourselves in Mrs Butts stationery cupboard (how did that ever end ?!), and staying at Helens in those bunk-beds ! Heres to the next 50 years !"


"Kate is thoughtful and supportive which is offset nicely with her dry sense of humour. Sounds like a good cocktail!"



"It has given me a new confidence and inner happiness."


"Kate was overwhelmed, touched and amazed. It was perfect."