Jenna Treat

40th Birthday

Commissioned by: Tim Earl

"It is pretty airtight from my perspective. It seems very well-thought out and I enjoyed the fusion of art and sense of community."

Jenna Treat & Tim Early

Big Birthday Treats for Mz Treat

Tim saw Message Eggs being presented at Lorraine’s 40th and jumped straight on it for his girlfriend Jenna Treat.

Now Tim’s quite a romantic gent, but even so, we were delighted by his fine form. He organised a day of treats for her, with the box of Message Eggs at the centre.

Here’s what Jenna said after receiving hers:

“The day in and of itself was quite moving but when presented with the box, I was truly overwhelmed.

“I read the scroll explaining what it contained and when I scanned the names of the people who had participated, and realised just what Tim had done and what was involved, it touched me incredibly and I felt very loved.

“I had trouble reading the first two messages aloud. Tim can vouch that I am rarely rendered speechless. I had to get a friend to take over.”

What could you compare it to?

“I’ve seen slide shows and video dedications to loved ones at weddings and birthdays but the Message Eggs experience takes it to another level.”

Did this effect your relationships?

“Definitely! I was touched by many of the messages from people that I knew well but hadn’t necessarily quantified our friendship verbally prior to this. A few of my clients were also invited to participate, and their messages were especially personal and touching.

“As I read them one by one with my friends that had presented them to me, I began to realise just how much thought, care and work went in to making them possible.”

Did you open them all at once or longer?

“I opened them gradually for the better part of a month after I received them. It was such a lovely little treat to look forward to each day over the course of my birthday month.”

How was it for Tim?

“Jenna’s face as she was presented with the box and read the introduction inside was a picture as it slowly dawned on her that what the purpose of the gift was.

“It wasn’t long after the first egg was opened before the tears started to flow! Some of the messages from her old school friends were hilarious; others, like the one from her dad, were so poignant even I welled up!

“It made what would have been lovely messages on their own, take on a magical, extra personal feel.”

“I really can’t think of a more touching gift to have given Jenna – so thank you.

“On a day of surprises for the birthday girl, the Message Eggs was the best surprise of them all.”

Jenna’s born in Texas and lived in Canada before coming to England. Her messages reflect her kind, open nature and the spirit of the people who care about her all around the world.

Working as a leading London make-up and brow specialist led to the passion behind some of the comments she had from clients-friends. We’re not surprised, being very into aesthetics around here. The brow maketh the face! The face maketh the women (or man!)

Jenna’s message are kindly shared below. (Note: It’s before we had our whole system set up, so the formatting looks unusual).



Jenna. Never lose your zest for life darling girl - you infect each and every person you come across in a positive way & that, hun, is a truly a gift! Love & Miss you Always. Xxx

Tanya & Ian

Jenna, I love you more than words can say. You've always been like a sister and our friendship means the world to me. I hope you're having the best time on your birthday this year, surrounded by everyone you love!! I can't wait to see you in the New Year!


To my friend who understands the freedom of the car & who can look fabulous at Glastonbury everyday. You are amazing and a hero to woman kind honey!


I love my little Baby Girl for a hundred thousand reasons. I love her most of all for being such a kind and gentle spirit. I love hugging her close to me. I love how soft her skin feels and I love her pretty face.



"Message Eggs is truly a unique gift. The eggs are beautifully crafted and presented. I admire your creative spark and appreciate the encouragement and support giving along the way."


"It was such a lovely little treat to look forward to each day over the course of my birthday month."