Hazel West

40th Birthday

Commissioned by: Lucy West

"Brought me tears of happiness."

Hazel’s sister Lucy organised the gift for her at a time when “Hazel really needed an injection of encouragement and love.” Two good reasons to commission an extraordinary gift.

Lucy is an interfaith celebrant and minister, supporting people at some of the most poignant moments in life. So we were especially honoured to hear her feedback.

“You’ll be surprised at the unique ways Message Eggs can touch everyone that gets involved…

“…particularly the ones you might be worried “won’t get it” or “don’t usually do this sort of thing”! My experience was these were the most special messages!”

“It’s a totally unique and meaningful gift that is beautifully supported on every level and exquisitely presented in its final gift form.”


“I love this idea – it’s so simple and hearty. I’m a great advocate of taking time to really let people know exactly what it is I love about them, what they bring to my life and why they’re special to me. Yet somehow we can find it difficult to find the right moment and the right time to do this meaningfully.

“Message Eggs gave me and the rest of Hazel’s family and friends the perfect opportunity to do this in a way that powerfully touched Hazel and goes on touching her now, years after.”

“I loved being able to offer people a chance to take their time and be able to say something to Hazel that really mattered to her and would touch her more than a normal “happy birthday” message.

“The best thing was seeing what all the individual messages meant to Hazel from each different person in her life.”

“I find technology difficult and am not great with connecting with people through social media etc, so getting hold of all the people I wanted to was a little intimidating for me initially.

“But Libby was wonderfully supportive and encouraging and despite my “techno-resistance”, it all came together brilliantly!

Hazel said “I received Message Eggs for my 40th birthday at a time when life was a little tricky.

“All the lovely messages really helped me align with the incredibly beautiful way they were presented.”

“Thank you all so much for giving me support and love in such a kind, sweet, lovely way to celebrate my 40th.

As another part of her 40th birthday, Hazel’s mum Sue gave her the chance to face some fears and experience real courage by jumping out of a plane.

They’re certainly women who know how to mark a life milestone with thoughtfulness, compassion and gusto.

“Message Eggs brought me tears of happiness and keeps on bringing a smile to me each time I revisit the messages.”



Only seems like yesterday we were teenagers at youth club! Such fun, giggles and a touch of angst about boys! It's been great to be back in touch to re-live those memories. Happy birthday. Xx


I hope when you open this egg you will be settled in life and all your sad times will be behind you. I wish you happiness for your future.


What a miracle it is that we're alive among trillions of stars on a planet teeming with diverse lifeforms & we can do almost anything we can imagine. That's worth celebrating.


Life really does begin at 40. It isn't just a cliche. Enjoy it. Love.

Uncle Pat


"Great sentimental, thoughtful gift which brought me smiles and keeps on bringing them every time I look at them"

Lucy West


""Message Eggs is perfect to connect people to their hearts in a completely accessible way for all."