Graeme Sutherland's

50th Birthday

Commissioned by: Libby Davy

"Since opening them, I know I'm loved. I got to be reminded of the qualities that people see in me."

When Message Eggs co-founder Gra Sutherland was turning 50, we just had to make sure he got to enjoy the fruits of his work!

After nearly 20 years together, Libby found a deeper sense of love and respect for Gra in having the priviliege of seeing the messages as they came in. Each day, she grew to love him a little more, reflected kaleidoscopically back from all the people who chose to respond.

Gra knew they were coming and even helped provide a few email addresses. This seemed to make it all even more fun due to the expectation.

This is how he described the experience: “This was very special.. I knew a lot about Message Eggs, I knew that a lot of people have been involved to leave all these messages.

“I felt honoured.”

“I was curious as to what is inside each of these eggs. I wanted to savour them. I opened a very few immediately, then started to open them occasionally when I was ready.

“I wanted to give the messages space. and time and be able to fully take them in. I took my box on holiday and spent a wonderful afternoon opening the second half of them and placing them in a book so I could refer to them easily.

“The eggs were heavy. They felt full of potential. There was an excitement and a calmness. The eggs were heavy and cool and substantial. Cracking them open felt meaningful.

“Since opening them, I know I’m loved. I got to be reminded of the qualities that people see in me.”

A year on, Gra continues to be a key part of the Message Eggs team. Taking care of our online systems, he keeps those wonderful messages pouring in to our systems from people around the world. Thank you Gra!


Gra, how lovely it is having you as a close neighbour. Knowing you're there is reassuring. I love your quiet, fun and open nature, the silly hats you wear, your singing! I especially love your poems.


Dear Sweet Gra. Yours is a quiet strength. A humble love. An often unnoticed kindness offered through who you simply are. You're always so easy and welcoming to be around. Namaste beautiful man.


I love you as much as the kind of weather that makes everything peaceful, the bright windy kind and the way that the trees sway and that is so so much.


There was a young man called Gra Who called us to the fire to play 'Twas 'cause he was fifty We all found that quite nifty That age don't come round every day!


Gra you will always be the Sexy Rocker God - bright eyes, bleached blonde hair and mischievious grin. Keep dancing x x x x

Lorraine and David

You seem to be a kind, generous, thoughtful and lovely man. But it turns out I was wrong! You're much more than that. My favourite quality is that you're bloomin good fun. It's GReAt we're mates.


Graeme Sutherland


"I know I'm loved. I got to be reminded of the qualities that people see in me."

Libby Davy


"I had no idea what an impact he had on some of the friends who wrote messages. One of them made my cry, it was so perfect. Thank you everyone who put your words into his heart, and mine."


I still look back at the messages after 4 years since my message eggs were given to me, I still have some of the eggs and keep all the messages in a little bag. Every so often, I have a peek, especially on darker cheers me up hugely to see lovely thoughts and memories my friends have shared.

sally orr