Eric Anglin's


Commissioned by: Kiri & Sarah

"Getting back to those roots is really important."

Eric is a dear new friend and probono lawyer to Message Eggs. He’s also an inspiring young entrepreneur with a real depth of character, from a very interesting and lovely family. An honour to meet you all!

Eric said so eloquently:

“Message Eggs is a facilitator of real genuine connection…

“…and it’s you that makes the gift – and its your family and your friends and your community. Getting back to those roots is really important and I’m excited about what’s going to happen with Message Eggs.”

When Eric had a significant birthday coming up at the fancy old Arts Club in Mayfair, we just had to swan in with a small box full to wish him well. Many thanks to Kiri and Sarah for helping put the word out to family and friends.

Quite an art collection they have there! Shame we missed Beyonce and playing around in the bijoux velveteen club downstairs, but maybe next time…

Eric said “has absolutely had an effect on my relationships.

“Much easier to write that which cannot be said.”

“I was nervous, and excited when I was opening them. Once I smelled the bergamot and cracked the first egg I was soothed.”

His sister Kiri said “I could compare it to a message collection at a wedding – such as when notes are posted into a box, or messages written on polaroids or onto a large canvas.”

The messages reveal something strong, deep and kind within this remarkable young man.




Eric, how wonderful to get to know you. That potent combination of youth and wisdom you possess! It Makes me think the future is in good hands. Happy birthday!


Cheers Eric for being amazing. I look forward to even more walks and I hope what can be a fruitful and profitable friendship. Kind regards and best wishes for your birthday celebration.


Remembering great conversations in the pouring rain around the damp fire at sacred arts camp. Wishing you clarity and creativity for the year ahead as you move forward. X


My oldest and closest friend, a friendship that will last a lifetime. It's been wonderful to see you transform and blossom into the handsome man you are today. You're great and I love you loads!


Eric your spirit is extraordinarily calm and soothing, I love being in your presence. You're one of the most caring people I know and always have a kind word. Thanks for being my friend!


eric anglin


"Has absolutely had an effect on my relationships. Much easier to write that which cannot be said."

Kiri Srinivas


"I haven't experienced anything like Message Eggs before. It's certainly a unique and special gift."