Commissioned by: Henrietta Burton + Friends

"So beautiful and touching. A massive, massive thank you."

Elektra Robin Joan Spiller-Mandy was born 12th April at 4.04am. A group of Jesse’s friends were with her during her pregnancy and felt very close to baby Elektra before she was even born.

Henrietta suggested they commission Message Eggs to surround the new parents and their bairn with happy memories, wise words and blessings.

They finally got it together in time for Elektra’s first birthday, which was perfect timing for the sleep deprived new parents in need of some extra love and encouragement.

Here’s what Jesse said after she received them “I’ve missed you all. It’s felt like a long time. And yes, we’ve received the very welcome surprise! Thank you so so much.

“It really is lovely and unexpected of you. The messages are amazing. I cracked them all in one go… obviously!!! Then Tim and I read them. So beautiful and touching.

“And Chris – Your BOO message made us laugh as that has become Elektra’s nickname. All your messages were so beautiful. And yes you can all have a cuddle soon too!

“Having Elektra is wonderful. She has secured herself very comfortably into the queens seat of the house and has us all wrapped round her little finger.

“A massive massive thank you.”

Jesse became a great supporter, and went on to create ever expanding ripples of love by:
  • commissioning us for the wedding of her friends Sammy & Joel.
  • Now Sammy has just enquired about commissioning for someone big in her life.
  • Jesse and her mother, renowned healer Wendy Mandy, have also proposed offering Message Eggs in therapeutic settings.

These people are right, proper catalysts for spreading love in the world, and we bow to your great big hearts.


Whenever I think of you, I think of kindness, love and strength. There is a light that shines from you Jesse, and because of you, it shines from Elektra too.


Elektra, your perfect unborn soul shone out on our Hoffman week. It was a privilege to share it with you. May you always continue to shine. X


Dearest Jesse, I truly hope that little Elektra has inherited some of her Mum's lovely spirit....it will take her a very long way in this world. Congratulations to both you and Tim.


BOO hope you are all having a lovely time with love xx


Many congratulations Jesse & Tim on your new bundle of joy and the youngest ever member of the Hoff club. Lots of love and bucket loads of happiness in the future.


jesse elektra mandy


"So beautiful and touching... They are such brilliant gifts! I will commission some from me very soon!"