Adam Bennett

50th Birthday

Commissioned by: Rachel Riggs

"My father's message brought me to tears as I have never received such a positive message from him."

Adam Bennett

Adam and his family had been living in different hemispheres after he was flown back to England to take up a senior position in the theatre. It was a tough year and he missed them terribly.

Fortunately they were reunited just in time for his 50th birthday.

His wife Rachel wanted to truly celebrate a fine man, and commissioned Message Eggs. Here’s Adam to tell us how it felt.

“I thought it might be like receiving greeting cards, but it was a much more intimate and personal experience than that.

“I received a note from my father of pride in my efforts and achievements. His message brought me to tears as I have never received such a positive message from him.

“I knew about Message Eggs before I received my box, but it was a complete surprise to receive the eggs. The box is a beautiful hand-made wooden piece and the golden eggs nestled inside amongst the bedding.

“I thought I would savour them one at a time over a long period, but in the end after an emotionally tough day I simply gorged on the explosion of good will and good feeling towards me with a glass of wine, and…

“…basked in the goodwill and bonhomie of those who like me, and more importantly those who love me.


And a note from Adam, with wise words for all:

“To all of you lovely people who took the time to send me a 50th birthday message. Thanks from the bottom, the top the middle and the sides of my heart.

“You made a difficult year for me into a momentary delight with your wonderful messages of support and love. If I haven’t thanked you personally I apologise, but your words were appreciated. I hope your 2015 has started well and whatever happens next, revel in it and…

…take from each moment what you can. Let go of the rest. Peace, love, joy, Adam

Rachel said “It really gave Adam such a huge boost of joy to know he is held in quality relationships with his friends, peers and family. Dearest friends, thank you so much for the wonderful wishes you sent to Adam for his 50th Birthday.

“He realised how much he is loved and cared for in this life , and who can ask for more than that! 




I will always be grateful for the childhood wonders you have allowed your children to experience. You are the greatest father I could've ever have asked for. We will love you as long as forever exists.

Beccy Bubbles

To my incredibly brave and courageous son, who travels the World looking for opportunities to express his talents. From a loving Dad.


For a wonderfully creative and thoughtful man. We enjoy talking to you, exchanging ideas and one of us appreciates being flung around the room by you. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness xxx — Adele & Matt & Henry

Adele, Matt and Henry

Keep your dreams in your pocket and take off like a rocket.


Rachel Riggs + Adam Bennett


"Adam realised how much he is loved and cared for in this life , and who can ask for more than that!"


"I waited for ages before even considering trying to get at the messages through the eggs as it was such a lovely gift by itself."