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Customers can be anywhere and so can the people who write messages. Whatever you choose is guaranteed to delight.

It’s a catalyst for happiness.


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Silver or Gold

Most people order our sparkly gold or silver glitter.

Food for the Soul

With our Full Experience, you can also choose to grow rocket from our seed version, contemplating the love with every mouthful.

Go Bespoke

We have an exquisite range of new options including Swarovski crystal and midnight sky. We can collaborate on other ideas. Photos coming soon.



Appeal to the Senses

Scent directly connects us to memory. Our boxes are infused with 100% natural essential oils – relaxing lavender or citrusy bergamot.

Go bespoke and we’ll source whatever you want from from top stockists – or create a signature fragrance for home or wearing – as you please.


wooden box

Wooden Box

  • Beautiful hand-carved, “tree of life” design
  • Sustainable mango wood
  • Certified fair-trade from traditional carvers in Saranapur, India
  • Small, Medium or Full
  • Included

muji box

Clear Box

  • Contemporary design
  • Drawer and lid
  • Full Experience only
  • Included
Options will vary in Australia. Contact us.

Glass Bonbon Jar

Glass Bonbon Jar

  • LSA hand-blown European glass
  • Full Experience only
  • Extra £40

astier de villatte

Pictured here,
ceramic bird bowl from Liberty’s
by Astier De Villatte 

Make it Personal

Do you have a sentimental box already or wish to theme your own? See Paul’s Story.

Bespoke Service

Talk to us about our bespoke packages. We collect and source perfect keepsake boxes, bowls and other vessels – from antique elegance and vintage quirk, to top designers around the world.

We work with contemporary and traditional artists and craftspeople, hand picked from many years of experience.

We can also talk to art dealers on your behalf for a full concierged service.

Contact us to find out more.

There’s no limit to what’s possible!

A Taste
  • 1 to 5 Message Eggs
  • Basic Webpage
  • FAQs
  • -
  • Small Box
  • Silver or Gold Shell
  • Lavender Scent
  • -
  • Note: All prices inc VAT. Delivery + £12 (UK Mainland) or ask for a quote.
  • 20+ Message Eggs
  • Full Webpage
  • Guide
  • -
  • Medium Box
  • Silver or Gold Shell
  • Lavender or Bergamot
  • Egg Cracker
  • -
  • Extra Eggs £3
  • Keepsake Book £15
Full Experience
  • 40+ Message Eggs
  • Full Webpage
  • Facilitation
  • One-to-One
  • Special Containers
  • Silver, Gold or Seed*
  • Lavender or Bergamot
  • Egg Cracker
  • (* £5 extra)
  • Extra Eggs £3
  • Keepsake Book £15
  • 50+ Message Eggs
  • Full Webpage
  • Facilitation
  • One-to-One +
  • Bespoke Containers
  • Bespoke Shells
  • Bespoke Scents
  • Egg Cracker
  • Extras