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We are in Brighton on GMT / London time.


With founders, advisors, experts, customers, participants and recipients available on request. 

Polite Note: Our stakeholders have generously offered to support our work will generally need advance notice.

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Photographs, videos & animations

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  • High resolution photos on Dropbox here
  • What is Message Eggs? How does it work? See animations here.
  • Video interviews with Message Eggs customers and recipients on Vimeo. Plus short clips from our series asking people “Who do you love? How do you show them?”
  • Screen resolution images throughout this website (eg. customers, recipients)

Media releases 

UK Startup Set To Crack Social Gift Market (30 October 2015)

As above – business focus


Competition Prizes

Message Eggs are giving away a limited set of packages valued at £189. Contact us to arrange an allocation for your audience. We can also offer generous discounts to bloggers, wedding planners etc.


Feature Writers, Bloggers, Editors

Got a special occasion coming up or someone you want to share your care with? Apply to give or receive Message Eggs. Allow more than three weeks.




As well as being a high-potential start up, we’re also a social enterprise with a mission to bring more loving connection into the world. See our manifesto. In order to deliver maximum social impact we aim to develop a strong commercial engine and a fair return to all investors.

We aim to understand and measure our impact and develop research partnerships.

Message Eggs is available by donation (on a limited basis) for any occasion for anyone living with a major illness, if the customer is on a low income. In time we aim to make our service available more widely on this basis.