What’s it like to be the Customer

What's it like to be the Customer?

There’s no denying that giving Message Eggs is more than a one-click Amazon purchase. It’s an extraordinary present that shows you really care.

“Message Eggs is a facilitator of real genuine connection…”

We’re here to help and provide a simple guide based on years of experience across a wide range of communities. Choose your level of help from our service packages for every budget.

“What I wasn’t prepared for how moving the process would be for me.”

We have 100% satisfaction from customers. They have pooled together their knowledge and we can now provide a great guide on what works best after working with over 1000 people.

Here’s our step-by-step process:

1. Talk to us!

Phone or email us and agree timeframe and delivery date. Allow 3-4 weeks (+ for overseas delivery).

2. Complete order form & pay

Complete order form and make payment online

3. Choose three photos

And email them to us by the agreed date

4.  Check webpage

Confirm you are happy with personalised message collection webpage. Very straightforward

5.   Email invitations out

We provide simple sample emails for you to send.  Enlist a few helpers to share in the secret, the anticipation and the sense of creating something so special together. Send reminders if necessary

“I connected with so many old friends on such a deep level and gave me an insight into so many fascinating stories and shared adventures.”

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