What size shall I choose?

What size shall I choose?

It’s intimate, personal and communal

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or supporting someone with a normal sized community of friends and family, we recommend at least 40 Message Eggs.

Even people who seem to have small social circles end up having around 40 people they would love to hear from. Why? Scan this fascinating article, or just take our word for it.

Message Writers (we often call them participants) can be anywhere in the world. Even those very young and elderly can tell you what they want to say, infact some of the best messages have come from them.

“…its like a surprise party, with all your favourite people there.”

  • Grandparents
  • Aunts & uncles
  • Cousins, nieces, nephews
  • Partners / spouses
  • Sisters & brothers
  • Step family
  • God parents / god children
  • Framily (friends who are like family)
  • Overseas friends
  • Long lost friends
  • High school buddies
  • Colleagues
  • University buddies
  • Spiritual friends
  • Old flames
  • Online friends
  • Activities friends (eg. book club)
  • The old party crowd

Every size guaranteed to delight

We offer a range to suit all budgets and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The main difference between Medium and the Full Experience is you get more choice, more help and it works out better value in the long run.



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