What if we get more/less messages?

What if we get more/less messages?

More than you plan for

If more people respond than you expect, that’s totally fine.

The Taste Of box is 5 Message Eggs only.

Extra eggs

£3 for each handmade Message Egg (bulk discounts may apply over 10 extra).

Wedding packages and other options may be available on request.

Full Experience

For example, if you commission the Full Experience and get 50 messages, that’s £30 extra (payable before delivery). For 10% more you might capture some of the most important messages your special person will ever hear. Let’s not limit it we possibly can. If money is a real barrier, see our By Donation FAQ for major illness.

Medium > Full Experience

If you commission the Medium Experience and get 40 messages, that’s an additional £60, taking it up to the same price as the Full Experience, which is usually what happens.

That’s why we say it’s best to go for the Full Experience from the beginning as you get more choice (eg. shell & box) and support (full facilitation and one-to-one calls), making it easier for everyone.

Less than Expected

We are encouraging and supporting you to access all the important people in the life of this person you care about. No matter how many decide to join in, it will delight. We don’t offer refunds but we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

See What Size to Choose FAQ too.

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