How does it feel to open the eggs?

How does it feel to open the eggs?


“The process spoke to me about how important it is to say what we feel while we have the time. Because nothing, whether it’s a sparkly egg, or a mum, or a friend, is going to last forever!”

Opening the eggs combines contemporary art with ritual and symbolism to help us contemplate the cycle of life.

Once opened, the individual messages inside are read and treasured – in scrapbooks, collages and other personal ways.

“The visceral experience of cracking the eggs made so much sense. They were hard and yet fragile.”


“The broken pieces are just as beautiful as the complete eggs. I’ve kept them, all sitting on my shelf twinkling away.”


“Nina framed her messages in a big collage, which she looked at nearly every day.”


“I’ve kept the messages and put them in my journal. I go back and read them when I am having a bad day.

It can feel a unusual to open the beautiful Message Eggs; sometimes we want to hold on to things in life. That’s why we say “crack and ponder”.

Free wooden cracker

Hand-carved, locally-sourced cracker now included free of charge. It collects the “shell” while gently opening them.

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