FAQs: Expressing yourself

Privacy / T&Cs

Privacy / T&Cs

Privacy Summary

Message Eggs is intended to be an intimate, personal experience. But it can also be a community celebration – and inspire others to share love and kindness.

All messages are given to the recipient in private, hidden inside individual Message Eggs.

They may choose to share them.

Any material shared on this website have been approved by the recipient, customer or message writer.

See below if you want to know more.

Message Writers

About Privacy

  • Message/s will be sent in private to the recipient of Message Eggs. The message/s copyright then becomes the property of the recipient, who might choose to share with others privately or in public.
  • If the recipient feels any individual message should be kept private, they can choose to do so. If the recipient is happy to share messages, all participants will be given a one week opt-out for their messages to be removed using the email address originally supplied. We will happily remove their message asap if they contact us at anytime.
  • Soon we will have a private / public button at message collection. Meanwhile, every reasonable attempt will be made to notify Message Writers of this policy in advance at every step in the process.

No cost

  • There is no cost for you to get involved unless you want to contribute via The Customer/s.

Data Security & Privacy

  • We will never share your email address with a third party.
  • We always use industry standard secure web browsing (HTTPS).
  • We store your data securely on to date patched servers.


  • We will contact you in regards to how the project is progressing, share any feedback and only messages that we have permission to share – usually via a case study on this website.


  • Read above first.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Delivery dates guaranteed if customer meets timeframe for photos and approval of webpage.
  • You will need to contact potential participants. We have proven ways to support you to get as many messages as appropriate to the context. Levels of support vary between service packages.
  • Delivery must be signed for on the date agreed.
  • All messages are intended to be positive. Any ambiguous messages will still be forwarded due to the personal nature of humour and human relations.
  • See Data Security & Privacy above. We never store your credit card details.


  • Messages become your copyright. See above.
  • We are given access to photographs and other information by the customer to inspire messages to be written for you. After messages are gathered, we will only share your personal content (photographs, messages, your name, video, etc) with your permission – for educational, artistic and promotional purposes – to inspire and inform others about the Message Eggs process and mission to spread more love in the world.
  • Do not eat the Message Eggs or leave them unattended near children.
  • It is intended you will crack them all within one month, as message writers will nearly always make this assumption. We ask you to open them within 6-12 months if you do need to savour them as it was never our intention to make them last for years.
  • Your email will in most cases have been supplied by the Customer/s. We will never share this with a third party.

Invite others to join in

How to invite others to join in?

Help make sure all your mutual friends and family get invited too – near and far, young and old.

“…it can feel like a surprise party, with all your favourite people there.”

  • Grandparents
  • Aunts & uncles
  • Cousins, nieces, nephews
  • Partners / spouses
  • Sisters & brothers
  • Step family
  • God parents / god children
  • Framily (friends who are like family)
  • Overseas friends
  • Long lost friends
  • High school buddies
  • Colleagues
  • University buddies
  • Spiritual friends
  • Old flames
  • Online friends
  • Activities friends (eg. book club)
  • The old party crowd


Forward the invite you received.


Just phone them up.


Gather emails wherever your mutual friends and family gather.

Children & Older People

Ask them to tell you what they want to say and enter it for them.


Facebook Group Chat

It’s great fun to start a group chat with all your mutual friends and egg each other on ;-P


Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 16.23.11

Facebook Status Update

A great way to spread the word, but shhh! remember to use privacy settings so they can’t see it.


Cut and paste the link. Write our own message. Tag VIPs.

Cut and paste the link. Write our own message. Tag VIPs who wouldn’t mind you sharing it on their wall if it appears there (depending on their settings).




Click on privacy button bottom right.

Click on privacy button bottom right.



Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 16.15.12


Add recipient’s name to Don’t Share and away you go!

You can come back and add other names by editing the post.


Other ways to express love

Other ways to express love?

The short messages that go inside the eggs are just part of what opens up between people that participate.

Some people want to express a lot more and find other ways.

There are as many ways to express appreciation, love, respect and kindness as there are people in the world. See our project How Do You Share Love – coming soon.