How to let love sink into your bones


After years developing Message Eggs to share with others, I was overwhelmed and utterly delighted recently to receive them myself.

Beth and Gra set up a secret collection page, and put the word out to many of my far flung folk. I opened them fast and slow, savoured and treasured them. What a gift it is. Here’s what happened.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.19.04

The first one I cracked was from someone I wouldn’t have expected and his words were poetic and beautiful. I’m still not entirely sure what ebullient means, but it sounded great. [Stops to look it up… oh yes! Nice one Ian. Bless you!]

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 16.39.29

I’m being courageous in sharing this to hopefully inspire others. Taking my own medicine so to speak. Now the problem in sharing our qualities,is that it brings up all sorts of cringey feelings. Have you heard these words before?




So there it is, as embodied by Nelson Mandela (who never actually said it). I’m not any more (or less) special than anyone else. But now I know I’m “ebullient” in the eyes of Ian at least. Like me, you may recoil from these words a little, but there’s a lot of information in that response. And a need for balance and discernment not to use it as an excuse to become egocentric.

Now, can I perhaps help you allow yourself or someone else to shine in writing this? I do hope so.

The disclaimers.

1. Yes, I’m biased. I truly believe in the potential of Message Eggs or any form of affirmation, kindness or gratitude practice to crack open hearts and make the world a nicer, happier place. There is much evidence for this.

2. Yes, I’m Australian. Maybe this stuff is easier for us, and our colonial cousins across the pond. But over 70% of our first 1000 punters have been English and they know how to go deep, so if we can crack on here, imagine how it will be once America and the rest of the world finds out about Message Eggs!

What happened for me is this…

Receiving Message Eggs has profoundly changed the way I see myself in relation to others. I feel more loved, valued and seen than I’ve ever felt in my life. But, and it’s a big one, the only reason that can happen is because I am letting myself really hear it (on a good day).

Allowing ourselves to receive love can be hard work. All my old scripts, blocks and filters kick in to say things like “well they don’t really mean all those nice things” and “imagine all the awful things people could say about me”. Cynicism is a huge defence mechanise against getting hurt. I had to let the love in and it had to fit with how I felt inside to be congruent. That can take time and support to truly integrate, which is why I begin training as a psychotherapist next year, to make sure there is even more substance to how we hold space, support people and offer Message Eggs.

So this is not just cute shiny eggs, this is real human work. This is potentially life changing.

Remember though, it can be as light or as deep as you want to go and every commission is different. We cater for everyone!

I now know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am loved, respected and admired.

There is proof. Lots of it. And some hilarious, poignant memories to have shared again too.

It also helped me realise, just because someone doesn’t leave a message doesn’t mean they don’t care (hi Gus!). We all get busy, or find our own ways. With Message Eggs, we want to encourage people to find whatever works for them in expressing positive emotions. We offer profoundly personal new ways to enable that, but there are many others. It has to be authentic to work. And not everyone it ready to take what might feel like an emotional risk to say how they feel. Which is why it’s all the more wonderful to receive them!

I sat with my Message Eggs on holiday last summer, on my own-some and I drank them in more fully, with some fresh Sardinian red, being really open and present to the present. Each person who took a moment or longer to write has stayed with me, and will perhaps throughout life. I will do a case study page soon to share some. See privacy FAQ for more.

Then I wrote the key words down with a nice manga pen and tallied up the results. It was interesting to notice the words that came up most often and think about what that meant.




They seem like reasonable qualities to take something like Message Eggs forward.

Then I got scissors and a big sheet of paper and started to cut them out and see where the clusters where. See where the real meaning lay. I found seven by the end and placed special objects on them (the caps from flowering Australian gums I collected when back home).

The physical act of writing, cutting and moving the pieces of paper around allowed me to really feel these words and qualities. We might add something like this to a web / phone app we are developing but for now, the physical aspect really fits well.


IMG_20150925_130138  IMG_20150925_130228


Now they work like personal OH cards I can shuffle through and pull out, place in my life to keep inspiring me with all the love and care that went into them.

So if you are lucky enough to have received Message Eggs before, try some of all of this out. Any questions, just ask.

We continue to hear how much potential there is here for:

  • psychotherapists, counsellors, healers, social, youth and aged care workers
  • celebrants
  • personal shoppers and others

to offer meaning, connection and support to their clients.

Remember, we offer our main package for free or by donation to anyone living with major illness.

We want to hear from you!

I’ve heard of so many great ways people experience and re-experience their messages. Our Case Studies start to touch on that, and I keep hearing new ideas all the time. See Nina’s for example. Her Mum thinks Nina’s looking at her collage before Uni each day might have helped her recover from a major life event and get a First in her degree!

Co-creating this whole thing sure is a lot of effort just to find out how great people think I am. Ha! But every time my phone go “ping” I know it’s another message written for someone special, maybe one day you or yours, and I smile knowing the potential of that. Wow, just did it again then. Yay for Message Eggs!

Potent containers of love.