The Compassionate Revolution


Great session yesterday hosted by Upstream Ideas on Social Movements. Chris Erskine from Seedbed has recently finished a PhD looking at organic, spontaneous moments of human connection towards a politics of compassion. Viva! Such a funny, honest man. I was moved to tears at the pub after, hearts open.

It made a lot of practical sense applied to Message Eggs, as well as providing huge amounts of intellectual, heartful Bamboo for Pandas (more on that later). It felt a lot like home. Kindred.

Chris’s story telling around his lifeline got us all sharing our own. His emphasis on spirituality and the need for us to look at utopianism and feminism, as well as  our own navels just made sense.

So many notes. One in particular from Jacques Lederach about ‘critical yeast‘. We grow culture together, we change things.

What seems small can grow and grow. We can all be catalysts for change.

Non-hierarchical, organic structures, more permaculture. Will be buzzing for days. Dear Brighton.

Art and creativity matter. A lot.

I went straight from the workshop into the car of kind strangers – running late for my daughter’s school fair – they drove me right there. I felt able to part the veil of what’s possible. Something shifted in the world. We talked like old friends and shared dreams and passions. AirBnB can be much the same. There are so many examples and growing all the time. I will be writing and reflecting on them more over time.

Meanwhile, here’s great books to explore some of what informs our intention for Message Eggs – The Compassionate Revolution and Blessed Unrest. Also Barbara Frederickson’s Love 2.0, Richard Sennett’s Together and Manuel Castell’s Networks of Outrage and Hope.

Celebrating each other’s gifts with the gift of Message Eggs is one way to create resilience and plant seeds of compassion.

We are powerful. We are the many.

We can grow love fresh, every moment, like bread.






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