Welcome to Message Eggs!

We’ve just relaunched from Metta Eggs to Message Eggs.

And now we have a splendid new website, featuring case studies from just a few of the 1000 people we’ve helped get connected and celebrate life.

After much hard work and careful handling of everyone’s individual needs on case studies (as best we could) – it’s here at last.

We had a wonderful celebration here at Eggwood in Brighton on Saturday with many loyal supporters, customers, recipients and advisors. And I was presented with my very own box of Message Eggs. Will reflect on that in my own case study, coming soon. Thank you. Beyond words really. Yes, it is a little overwhelming. Such kind, funny, thoughtful words. I am very lucky indeed. A total surprise thanks to tricky Beth and Gra and all.

Launch party video coming soon too.

Want your own case study featured?

If you are already a customer and would like to be featured in one of our case studies, do get in touch or we might first. We have many other older recipients who are a little more shy of course. Celebrating your parents in one of our favourite things here at Message Eggs.

You can choose your own level of privacy and whether or not you want to share messages. We hope you will, as the people involved love to share in them – and keep celebrating you.




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